Disney World Florida Awaits

Pandora – the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park opened recently and with Toy Story Land opening in 2018. The magic with Disney knows no limits, and the Walt Disney World Resort is a renowned amusement complex in Florida. The mere fact that Disney World Florida is always updating to offer people even more magic ensures it remains the world’s most frequented vacation resort. Pandora – The World of Avatar, spanning 12 acres, is the most recent themed area and is based on the fictional exoplanetary moon, Pandora.

The Entrance To Disney Exactly As Disney Envisioned

It’s amazing that the Original Disneyland map could sell for $1 million, even though many of Disneyland attractions have been replaced. The Mark Twain Riverboat with Tom Sawyer Island is just one of the must-see attractions in Disneyland, along with Tom Sawyer Island that remains the same as what Disney envisioned. The New York Times tells us that a hand-drawn map was hurriedly created by both Disney and a friend with the name of Herb Ryman one weekend in September 1953. Their aim was to secure funding to build Disneyland. Just recently, in June of this year, 2017, that map, the first that reveals Disney’s vision for Disneyland was auctioned off. Today, the entrance is precisely what Disneyland looks like today.

Disney Memorabilia Always In Demand

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