Facts About Jacksonville: Florida’s Largest City

With close to one million residents, Jacksonville is Florida’s largest city. There is always something for you to do in the region, regardless of whether you are a local or tourist. The city has excellent infrastructure, a plethora of thrilling destinations, and great amenities. Additionally, it is one of the few places in the state where the cost of living is low. A study that was conducted by Trulia revealed that buying a house in the city is cheaper than renting. Would you love to know more?

Facts About Jacksonville

  • The city was previously referred to as “Cowford” because all the residents’ cattle used to head to St. Johns River to herd there.
  • Jacksonville has plenty of hiking trails located in different places that include parks, beaches, and nature reserves. When hiking, don’t forget to get quality tights from https://www.aimn.co.nz/ for enhanced comfort.
  • The United States’ oldest skate park, Kona Skatepark, is situated in Arlington, Jacksonville. It started operating back in 1977. Over twenty professional skateboarders from the city have used it to train and perfect their skills.
  • The first college football match in Florida was held in 1901, in Jacksonville.

Final Thoughts

Looking for your next fun destination? Try Jacksonville, and you will not be disappointed. The roads are in excellent condition, plus there are a lot of exciting locations.