Indoor Hobbies in Florida

Most people in Florida enjoy the glorious year-round sunshine and make the most of being outdoors. However, for some, the heat can be too much. They are happy to retreat indoors to the relaxed atmosphere of their air-conditioned homes. It is a good idea to have an indoor hobby when the weather outside overwhelms you. An excellent idea would be to have a collection of indoor plants to look after.

Getting Started with Indoor Plants

If you are new to the world of indoor plants and are worried you might harm them, the first step is to download the planta app for ongoing advice. Right from the start of your journey in indoor gardening, Planta will offer valuable tips. For example, there is the option to set reminders for watering, which is essential in the Florida climate, as your plants can dry out quickly. You can also schedule when it is time for fertilizing, misting, cleaning, and re-potting.

Finding Plants for Different Rooms

Your Florida home undoubtedly has a variety of rooms with different lighting conditions. The Planta app has a helpful light meter, which allows you to find out the most suitable plants for each area. For example, if you have a darker room with no windows, the app will suggest plants that prefer the shade. Planta also has an identification tool, so when you are shopping for new plants, you can easily find out what they are.

A healthy balance should be maintained between being outdoors in the Florida sunshine and spending some downtime indoors looking after your plants. With the help of the Planta app, you can rest assured that any problems can be easily overcome. The Dr. Planta feature will diagnose any diseases within your plants and suggest the correct treatment to allow them to thrive once more. You can enjoy a fabulous display of plants in your Florida home.