Seasons in Florida


If you live in a state like New York or Massachusetts, you may be surprised to hear that Florida has seasons because to you they all may seem like one endless summer. Obviously, seasons in Florida have much less nuance compared to the Northeast, but the Sunshine State does have seasons.

Summer heat and extreme humidity last in Florida for about six months, sometimes even more. There is a hurricane season that lasts from June to November. The hurricane season is known for its intense storms, during which the residents of the state, especially those living close to the ocean, may leave their homes and seek shelter in central parts of Florida.

Winters in the state are generally very mild and very pleasant. The skies in Florida are extremely bright and sunny.

There is also a short season of rains in the spring. Spring in Florida is when all the flowers really bloom, which is why it may not be the season for you to visit the state if you have extreme pollen allergies.

There is fall foliage, but that season is extremely short, is cooler than the summer, but not as cool as winter or spring.